Information Systems Engineering

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Mehmet YILDIRIM

+90 (262) 303 22 37

The Areas of Interest

Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Computer Networks, Energy Planning

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil YİĞİT

+90 (262) 303 22 59

The Areas of Interest

New Generation Wireless Communication Systems, Smart Antenna Systems, MIMO Systems, Channel Modeling, Channel Estimation, Machine Learning

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hikmet Hakan GÜREL

+90 (262) 303 22 15

The Areas of Interest

Computational Nano Physics, Semiconductors, 2D Graphene, Nanotechnology, DFT, TB, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Grid and Cloud Computing, Information Technologies, Unix Operating Systems, Data Center System Administration

Assist. Prof. Dr. Adnan SONDAŞ

+90 (262) 303 22 58

The Areas of Interest

Left-Handed Metamaterial Structures, Microstrip Filter Design, Microstrip Antenna, Finite Element Method, Embedded Systems

Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Hikmet Bilgehan UÇAR

+90 (262) 303 22 61

The Areas of Interest

Digital Analog Communication, Wireless Communication, Electromagnetic Field and Wave Theory, Microstrip Antenna, Filter Design, Frequency Selective Surfaces, User Interface Design, Computer Aided Design

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar SOLAK

+90 (262) 303 22 69

The Areas of Interest

Mobile Robots, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Data Hiding Techniques, Image Steganography, Deep Learning, Embedded Systems, Open Source Software and Distance Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Eken

+90 (262) 303 22 32

The Areas of Interest

Distributed systems, Big Data, Big Data Mathematics and Algorithms, Remote Sensing, Data Intensive Computing, Spatial Data and Databases

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Hilal Kilimci

+90 (262) 303 22 42

The Areas of Interest

Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Learning, Deep Learning, Text Mining, Data Mining, Heuristic Optimization Techniques, Reinforcement Learning

Assist. Prof. Dr. Önder Yakut

+90 (262) 303 22 98

The Areas of Interest

Cloud Computing, Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Signal Processing

Lect. Alper Metin

+90 (262) 303 22 31

The Areas of Interest

Data Communication, Computer Networks, TV Technologies, HD Broadcast Technologies, 3D Television and Cinema, Operating Systems Design

Lect. Yavuz Selim Fatihoğlu

+90 (262) 303 22 95

The Areas of Interest

Mobile Robot Applications, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Path Planning Algorithms, Heuristic Algorithms, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Application, Game Development

Res. Assist. Sümeyya İLKİN

Erasmus Departmental Coordinator

+90 (262) 303 22 49

The Areas of Interest

Medical Image Processing, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Heuristic Optimization Algorithms, Android, Mobile Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Pattern Recognition

Res. Assist. Seda BALTA

+90 (262) 303 22 60

The Areas of Interest

Big Data, Data Mining, Optimization Techniques and Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Medical Statistics Applications, Machine Learning, Internet of Things

Res. Assist. Zeynep SARI

+90 (262) 303 22 51

The Areas of Interest

Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic

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